Friday, 2 October 2015

Luxury Candles from Party Lite #review

Candles who doesn't love them! at night time once the boys are asleep I find there is no better way to relax and unwind filling the room with a sweet smelling aroma and they just give a completely different feel to the room for me it just makes that mummy quiet time just that little bit more my own.

I was asked if I would like to review some candles from PartyLite and as I love them of course I agreed
The candles came carefully and well packed so they were all in one piece when they arrived there was a heart shaped tea light holder, a pack of three candles (forbidden fantasy) and trio of candles Just Desserts fragrances,  (nutcracker sweet and sugarplum fairies)

The first candles I tried out were the trio of just deserts candles nutcracker sweet and the sugarplum fairies both of these were really sweet they smelt amazing before I had even got them out of the box and lit them they reminded me of a sweetie Christmas scent the Petite jars are decorated with a pretty white decals. they are 7 cm in height. Pink and white striped speciality packaging. and have a Burn time of 20-30 hours each.

The second thing I tried was the heart shaped tea light holder made from glass with a silvery finish it has an antique feel about it, it lets a lot of light out from the candle even though the glass looks quite dark in its effect its a really dainty little holder.

the last and final candles that I tried were the luxury forbidden fantasy white candle set - these were my definite favorite they smell so nice, again before I had even got them out of the box you could smell there scent it is quite sweet but not too overpowering, each candle has its own scent, blush, flint and kiss so you can burn them alone or all together I must admit the smell is beautiful and the have a real soft burn to them.

Over all I absolutely loved the candles from party lite I am definitely there new biggest fan. the room smelt amazing even after the flames had been blown out. I love the glasses that they have all come in they are sturdy and classic and would look pretty on any shelf. With them all having such a long burn time they can be used again and again. Thanks Party Lite!

You can view the full range of candles and prices at  

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  1. I went to my first ever party light party a few weeks ago and I brought a baby owl tealight holder, which is gorgeous and some tea light for it. But I am not a big fan of the tea lights. paid just over £9 for a set of 12 and they don't smell very strong at all. you have to put your nose right up close to them to small anything. I have heard that there wax melts are good though