Saturday, 15 March 2014

Outdoor fun at Abbey Park Leicester

The Abbey of Saint Mary de Pratis, more commonly known as Leicester Abbey, was an Augustinian religious house in the city of Leicester. Set just a stones throw away from the city centre, once inside the large walls that surround the park, you would never believe it was so close the the city it is a large park with peaceful and picturesque surroundings.

Inside the park there are flower gardens, a small area that is Chinese gardens, a boating lake, pets corner, park for the children, a large green perfect for summer picnics and lots more to enjoy as a family - Abbey park hosts lots of events and family fun most of the year.

So this is where we visited - in fact as a child I spent a lot of time here and now I am a mum I love to take my boys to Abbey park there is loads of open space for them to run free, they love the pets corner, there are rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, goats and lots of different birds - there is also a play area in the middle the boys loved looking at all the animals and running around.

We went on to have a picnic in the flower gardens its beautiful seeing the start of the spring and watching the boys being able to look at all the flowers and kick the football around.

The weather is beautiful, we even got to feed the ducks that were on the boating lake, we choose this spot because its safe with the rails in the way so no chance of them falling in, it is also really peaceful with the fountain in the middle the boys had a great time they love the ducks.

The Afternoon ended with Adam asleep in his pushchair bless him tired out, but whilst Adam had a nap in his pushchair, Liam spent some time playing on the old ruins in the park.

Abbey Park is a fabulous day out in Leicester, we will be spending lots of time here over the summer.

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  1. What a great day out in a picturesque and interesting place to explore and have fun at. It sounds like an ideal place for a picnic and some family fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.