Thursday, 19 December 2013

Perfect White Black toothpaste #Review

Teeth whitening brand Beverly Hills Formula have come up with Perfect White Black toothpaste to make your bright white.

Sounds strange doesn't it black toothpaste that makes your teeth white but I kid you not it is real! now days everyone is on a mission to look perfect which includes having the perfect smile most of that part is about having ultra white teeth.

Tooth whitening takes its shape these days in lots of forms there is bleaching, whitening strips, cosmetic surgery there are even do-it yourself home whitening kits, there really are a lot of options available however none of them are an option for me, as far as I am concerned going to the dentist is something you have to do not something I would go to for a beauty regime, that is just a personal choice and I have a fear of dentists which is never a great thing!

Beverly Hills Formula has a great reputation for teeth-friendly whitening toothpastes so I was intrigued to get started on using it, Perfect White Black Is black because of the activated charcoal which whitens teeth and beats bad breath. Beverly Hills Formula says it creates a whiter ‘Hollywood smile’ in one minute, with best results after five minutes.

I can definitely notice a difference, after using it for around a week I think for my teeth to be whiter it will have to be used for much longer, after all I did smoke for a long time. Independent research at a UK dental school shows it removed more than 90% of stains after five minutes. Other brands have scored as low as 40%.

The black toothpaste seems less abrasive than other brands, so you can use it everyday without worrying about damaging your teeth. I would recommend this tooth paste If you love coffee, red wine, and other naughty things, but want whiter teeth, this is the product to use it definitely works.  

This product is available to buy in-store at Superdrug

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  1. I am also believe that teeth whitening brand Beverly Hills Formula have come up with Perfect White Black toothpaste to make our bright white. Thanks for sharing with us.