Saturday, 8 November 2014

My four year old wont go to sleep! (He has a excuse for everything)

Bedtime routine in my house has not changed really since the boys were little, except now Adam goes up first, he goes to sleep almost instantly, I spend all day with Adam, so the half an hour once Adam has gone to bed,  That I get to spend with Liam, we spend reading his School book and having a chat is precious time that I really enjoy with him, until I say those little words "Its time for bed now Liam"

This little boy has an excuse every night as to why he should stay up later and once in bed there is a reason about every five seconds as to why he is shouting down the stairs  "muuuuuuuum"

Most of you with children can probably relate to this but hear are my favourite excuses, time lingering moments and reasons why Liam shouts down the stairs every single night.

  • Mum can I just have two seconds longer.....................nope its bedtime now
  • I need to read my book again.....................we have read it twice ... come on its bed time
  • My leg hurts..........................yes Liam it probably needs to get some rest in bed
  • but mummy im not tired............................hmmm look at me Liam..... yes they really are piggy eyes that need to sleep.
  • Can I take my pad up to bed with me..................nope mummy is getting cross now.
  • I neeeed a weeeeee ........................quickly hurry up.
  • immmm too tired to walk up the stairs .............................Liam just go now!

Finally he is upstairs in his bed and it starts again......

  • mummy I think I need a drink.............You have just had one
  • But I'm still hungry........its bed time
  • can you read me a story we have read our story's 
  • I think my tummy is grumbling because I'm not tired..........
  • Can I have a car to play with...............right one and I will choose (otherwise everyone I pick is not the right one!)
  • can I have fudgy bear.............yes alright 
I have said my good night and told Liam to go to sleep now its very late, does this little boy go to sleep, no is the answer its usually as my foot has just reached the bottom step and I hear "muuuuuuuuuum" eugh what now I am usually muttering to my self and so it begins the trotting up and down the stairs because he is out of bed leaning over the stair gate............

  • Mummy I think I heard a noise (a fire work, bird, tumble dryer the TV the list goes on) ........Liam just go to sleep 
  • Mummy  I think I need to sleep in your bed.......
  • Mummy I have a he is completely faking his imaginary illness
  • Mummy I think the TV is too loud.......
"mummy mummy mummy" it goes on and so does my evening usually for at least an hour after he has actually gone up to bed in the first place by the time I have finished with him and he has actually gone to sleep patience has disappeared my temper is frayed, there is nothing worse than being a tired mummy! 

Do you have trouble getting your child to bed what are there best excuses? I would love to hear your thoughts?

Friday, 7 November 2014

Memories of the past and modern day Delight #AngelDelightMoments

Memories of the past

Picture the scene, my mum has spent the afternoon on a Sunday Ironing in the kitchen and cooking up a home roast and my Dad is out fishing for the day a long term hobbie of his, myself and my younger brother and sister have been watching one of the films that have been aired on only the four channels we had back then but by around 4.30 we are are all eagerly awaiting the return of my Dad with the distinct smell of a beautifully cooked home made Sunday roast floating in from the kitchen, our tummy's are growling. The sight of my Dad pulling up outside in his car, sends the three of us into an excited frenzy, happy to see my dad ....... he always has the same joke, carry my kit in the house for me of course we would all try and lift the bags and poles but we never could, my mum would be shouting from the kitchen hurrying him up, dinner was nearly ready, gathering at the table with laughter and stories from the day we would sit down to my mums lovely cooking. Once we had finished eating, one of us would speak up, "whats for pudding?"
Often it would be a bowl of Angel Delight, any flavour would do, Strawberry, butterscotch, banana or Chocolate we loved them all, quick easy to make and delicious in flavour we never complained in fact most of the time we got told off for running our fingers round the bowl making sure that every last inch of it had been safely deposited in our tummy's.

Angel Delight

Angel Delight has actually been around for a long time, since 1967 By the Birds company. I had no idea it had been on the shelves for that long, initially Angel delight only had one flavour available and that was Strawberries and cream but the company has since gone on to produce several different flavours in standard packs and sugar free. The flavours include, strawberry, raspberry, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Banana as well as their brand new flavour Bubble gum, which hit the shelves in Tesco stores up and down the country last September.

We were lucky enough to to receive a couple of packets of the great new Bubble gum flavour or Gubble bum as Adam is referring to it! which I have to say is delicious even for a hungry mummy, when I first heard that it was bubble gum flavour, I really thought that it would be sickly sweet but it wasn't sickly at all on taste, it was not to overpowering and sat just right after a big dinner, not to heavy on the stomach, the boys absolutely loved it not just the taste but the smell Adam was practically climbing up me to smell the contents of the packet.

A modern day Angel delight. 

With all the flavours that are available, there is a lot of ideas for how to jazz the desert up a bit after all this really is a desert that is versatile for any occasion, Ice lollies for the summer, you could add it into a trifle for Christmas, pop some sparklers in the top of them for bonfire night an evening of posh food with friends and this could make the perfect after dinner desert just by adding a couple of strawberries or bananas to the top depending on your preferred flavour of course!

However, our house is more inclined to excitable children than posh dinner parties. So a few weeks ago it was Adams third birthday and after a buffet tea, Bubble gum Angel Delight was the perfect way to finish the party Adam loves peppa pig and has a love for pink so he loved desert in this form, as did all the children, they loved the marshmallows and the fact that they could all have there own little personal pot I also made some frozen flower shaped Angel delight which were a great accompaniment, needless to say they didn't last very long at all.

I think my favourite thing about Angel delight apart from the flavour of course is the fact that it is really quick and easy to make, you simply put the contents of the packet into a bowl, add milk and pop it in the fridge and there you have the perfect desert fit for children and adults alike. 

Angel Delight a fantastic memory of the past and with a great new flavour I'm sure this is just a hint of memories for what the future holds.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cbeebies Abney and Teal Magazine #Review

The popular show Abney and Teal which is aired on the Cbeebies channel week days at 17.50 is set to release a magazine this October 23rd so that children can not only enjoy watching Abney and teal on the screen they can use there imaginations and join in with lots of fun within.

The magazine itself has been published by children's specialists DJ Murphy, and is 36 colourful pages of stories, puzzles and fun.

We were sent the magazine ahead of the release date, so we can give you a sneaky peak inside of what to expect. I don't know about your children but my boys both love this program especially Adam of whom is two nearly three, so this Magazine is a great accompaniment alongside the programme.

Their is a free musical gift on the front of the first issue. Included in the magazine is spaces to get creative and draw your own characters. plus pictures to colour, definitely lots to keep your little one entertained.

If your child doesn't already know the characters names the magazine introduces you to each one of them, backed up with some stories to carry on enjoying the characters adventures.

I think our favourite part of the magazine was the centre piece, which has stickers which you can use throughout - Adam loves stickers, plus an Abney and teal reward chart - this is a great incentive for any child to try and be just that little bit more independent, it also has some fun learning ideas on their and to keep your child focused and Adam loves asking what it says and whats next! 

Overall we loved the magazine I am not going to spoil the contents too much for you!
The Magazine is priced at just £2.99 and is released on a monthly basis so it isn't going to cost lots of money and I think it works great as a treat for a child. Adam loved it!, watch out for the magazine from the 23rd October as it will be hitting the shelves in all good newsagents and supermarkets.

24 weeks #Pregnant

This week baby should have grown to be as big as an ear of corn, he should be around 30cm long his skin still remains thin and translucent - but as weeks go by this will change twenty four weeks I think for any mum to be is a great milestone to have got to in pregnancy as policy's in the united kingdom state that if your baby is born anytime from twenty four weeks onwards, baby will be taken to neonatel care and the pregnancy is viable meaning that baby can survive from now with medical help.

There is of course the evergrowing debate that babies should be tried to be saved from younger than twenty four weeks however for the time being the rules remain the same doctors wont do anything until babies get to this stage.

This week I have really noticed a change in babies movements he is beginning to have periods of being awake and being asleep, he is mostly awake when its time for me to sleep, lets hope this changes when he is born! he is a real wriggler he likes to stretch and move up into my ribs making it uncomfortable for  me sometimes. My health this week I feel alright mentally but physically, My SPD pain has got worse with the baby growing bigger and I actually feel like I have been kicked between the legs and daily there are things that I struggle with, things that you normally take for granted, I guess this pregnancy has made me see things from a completely different perspective.

Sleeping ..... Sleep is for wimps - not much of that is going on at the moment I don't really get up to go toilet in the night, but since baby is moving more, he is keeping me awake and with the boys not sleeping that well either I definitely spend a lot more time awake and yawning!

Cravings - I quite like whispers but I am very partial to chocolate anyway so I wouldn't say its a craving I would say no cravings really yet.

Clothing - yep I can say none of my normal clothes fit me now and I am yet to invest in some decent maternity wear, their is something about spending money on clothes that are going to fit me for a few months that a resent, but I think I am going to have to invest in a coat now the winter is really on its way!

How are you getting on in your pregnancy do you have any strange cravings or anything you would like to share? I would love to hear any thoughts you have.



Monday, 20 October 2014

Mum Kind pregnancy nutrition #review #Pregnancy

A while ago I was sent some fabulous products called 'Water Our Way' and 'Soothing Ginger & Chamomile Lozenges' from a new pregnancy nutrition brand called Mum Kind They have recently been launched in over 300 stores and Amazon.

There are currently a great selection of products available, nutrition bars, a bedtime drink, along with the water enhancer and lozenges.

All the products are packaged beautifully purple in colour, they are very clear at whom they are aimed they are as they have a picture of a pregnant lady holding her bump on the front of the packaging.

The Water Enhancer...

It's berry flavoured with added B vitamins and has 10 servings in the handy sized bottle. It doesn't contain any caffeine, artificial colours or flavours which is perfect for expectant mums. The added B12 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and B6 helps regulate hormone activity. All you need to do is squeeze some into a glass/bottle of water. I love the fact it comes in a small portable bottle which is easy just to pop in your bag if your out or taking it to work.

Personally I am not keen on water but I do push myself to drink some everyday and I do think this product helped with tiredness symptoms, at this stage in your pregnancy (I'm 23 weeks) you're suppose to be full of energy but somehow for me that isn't working! so this product for me fits in quite nicely! I think it's ideal for women who aren't keen on water (like me) and/or are looking for a drink minus any artificial additions. I really like the fruity berry flavour. It is refreshing and not to strong or overpowering, so if your still feeling a bit sickly its not likely to make you feel worse.

The Ginger & Chamomile Lozenges...  (Ginger Me Baby)


Contain soothing properties of natural ginger and chamomile, come in clear wrappers and a reusable tub that is freezer and microwave safe and also a perfect size to recycle and keep for the weaning stage. They can be taken whenever you like to help and again are free from any artificial flavours or colours.

Each sweet is individually wrapped making them suitable for in your pocket, your purse, your glove box, changing bag, clutch bag – anywhere really that you might start feeling a bit nauseous. Plus, because the wrapper is clear, nobody needs to know what they are and so wont be guessing your news early on.
Whilst the ginger flavour is not for everyone like a lot of things, I quite liked them and chamomile is a nice soothing touch.

You can find out more about mum kind and there amazing other pregnancy nutrition products over on their website along with advice from experts and a pregnancy guide. Definitely worth popping over and taking a peek.

These lovely products were sent to me for the purpose of this review all opinions are honest and my own.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

#Win a £25 Voucher to spend at the Beebies Baby store

As my pregnancy is moving along I wanted to celebrate with you my readers I feel like its time to give something back to you lovelies that continue to read and support my blog and I am very grateful.

Here is my gift back to you, I am offering one of you lovely readers the chance to win a £25 voucher from Beebies baby store . If you have not heard of the store let me tell you a bit about them.

This is one of my personal favourite places to visit at the moment it has everything from maternity products to all things, you need for your new beautiful little bundle and beyond. The shop is basically a one stop shop it has everything up to pre-school age. There really are some fab products available to purchase. Not only is the store fab, the Beebies baby store was voted best online retailer in the loved by parents awards, so if you haven't popped by to take a look I cant recommend the store enough.

For your chance to win a £25 voucher to spend on anything you like at the Beebies baby store simply enter via the Rafflecopter below (remember no cheating I do check the entries!) Good Luck! 

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once the Rafflecopter picks a winner, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within 28 days, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway opens on 11th October midnight and will close on 31st October 2014 at midnight.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Reactions to having another child of the same gender #Pregnancy

Alright so when I found out I was having another baby boy, I am not going to lie I was slightly disappointed, I had always hoped for a princess to buy for dresses and dolls and pink things. I had also dream't of meeting her for lunch and going shopping in town. Even though I thought from day one and had told people I really thought the new baby would be another boy, there was still an element of disappointment, however I just wanted the baby to be healthy. Which really is the most important aspect and I am lucky enough to say he is healthy, so whatever the sex of a baby, babies, children and pregnancy in general are a blessing and I already love every inch of my unborn little boy.

Peoples reactions are quite funny when you tell them the baby is another boy, I don't actually think that people put much thought in to what they are saying! although I guess its normal, to get some funny and strange responses to having another child of the same gender, so here are some of the responses that people have said to me since telling them I am expecting another boy, not only another boy, but dare I say a third child, which seems to opens a whole other can of worms but I will be writing a separate post later in my pregnancy about having more than the average of two children!

  • Oh no not another one! (really are boys that bad)
  • Have you thought about starting a football team (what three aside, stupid thing to say!)
  • when are you going to try for another baby (err never I will never have another!)
  • I have to say I am really disappointed (why why why!)
  • how many do you have now............... err that will be three whats the big deal?
  • You do know it takes a real man to produce a daughter......................OK apparently this is an old wives tale still we all know biologically that's not how things work.
  • Congratulations............ (except this is false and they are trying to hide there disappointment)
  • have you thought of getting a TV? .....oh what a great idea this has never crossed my mind!
  • When I found out I was having another boy I felt like I was grieving - I guess in some cases this is true however you have another 20 weeks to get over this feeling!
  • awww, are you really sad?..... well actually no I am just glad to be having a healthy baby!
What do you think about peoples reactions to my news? I am absolutely sure I am not the first mum to get this sort of reaction. I would love to hear what reactions you have had to your pregnancy!?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pregnancy week 22, Its a boy!!

Last week we had our our abdomaly scan, although a lot of parents think that this scan is to determine the babies gender which of course you can at this stage but its your decision whether to find out the sex of the baby or to have a surprise, as much as I love surprises I have found out with all my pregnancies what the sex of the baby has been, just for planning and I personally couldn't wait.

However as I said above this scan isn't to find out the gender, its mainly to measure all of babies vitals/major organs for example the brain, heart, skin, spine check that baby isn't going to have a cleft pallet the scan takes around twenty minutes to half an hour - or should do as long as baby is in the right position.

I had my scan and baby, really did not want to play ball at all, every time the sonographer tried to measure anything the baby moved or turned the wrong way or was hiding so after about twenty minutes of being poked and prodded, she sent me off to go for a walk a fizzy drink to see if baby would move positions. When I went back baby had moved positions but into a worse position and baby also it had its legs crossed, I was told I would have to come back in a few days time - naturally this worried me I have never known it although the lady did reassure me this happens quite often and there was nothing to worry about, of course I still did worry I didn't sleep very much over the next few nights.

After the few days had passed I trundled off for the second of my two twenty week scans hoping and preying everything was going to be alright, it seemed like a lifetime until they called my name, going in I watched the screen closely as this time baby was in a better position, the lady who was performing the scan remained somewhat silent throughout whilst she measured each little bit of baby, she then stopped to ask me if I wanted to know the sex of the little one, I nodded she said its a boy she showed me what was supposedly his boy bits although it wasn't obvious baby was a boy well not to me anyway, but it is another little boy.

The scan seemed to be over pretty quickly after that with the relief that everything is where it should be and baby is alright thank goodness!

This week is baby should be around 11 inches weighing around a pound in weight although all baby's grow differently, baby will have eyelids and eyebrows although still lacks the pigment that makes up the colour of the iris.

I have started feeling baby move more and can even feel him sometimes with my hand on my tummy he mainly like to wriggle and move about at night time when mummy is trying to relax - typical get two boys to bed and the other starts moving, I do love it and its a reassurance that he is alright.

When did you start to feel your baby first move and how did it make you feel? I would love to hear your thoughts!