Saturday, 6 September 2014

Potty training day 3

Today we needed to go out, another challenge only round to the shop for milk sounds easy doesn't it but its still going to be a nerve wrecking journey even if that is just me..... I decided I would put the potty in a carry bag just to be on the safe side, after all there is always some trees we can stop beside, or behind with the potty - is that wrong I am unsure but we will do it anyway better than having a wet or soiled two year old and yet more washing.

Day 3

I got the boys up and ready to walk around to the shop, I Look at Adam I'm feeling nervous, although he is unaware of this bouncing around without a care I have popped some dry like me pads into his pants "just in case" I have his potty in a carry bag and a change of clothes in his rucksack, I actually feel like Adam is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, I ask him on the way to the shops about three times do you need the toilet, he shakes his head well in fact the last time I asked him he crossed his arms and stomped off in front, panicky mummy is annoying the tot. 
We managed to get to the shop and back without an accident without a drop in his pants, I walked through the front door I sighed a massive sigh of relief congratulating him on his achievement, he didn't seem aware of what the big deal was all about  - He went the whole rest of the day with no accident in sight, I couldn't believe how seemingly easy today had been fingers crossed it carries on. 


Friday, 5 September 2014

SPD and pelvic pain in #pregnancy #health

Whilst you are pregnant, their is an expectation from non-pregnant people is that you should be a picture of blooming health, full of life, sailing around with that lovely pregnancy glow, looking forward to that little bundle of joy, at least once the awful morning sickness has eased off anyway. In fact a lot of pregnancy articles, books and websites say that once the first few months are passed that you will feel healthier and that you should take advantage of this time before the heaviness and exhaustion of the third trimester kicks in.

So what if pregnancy, leaves you unable to walk, unable to move in bed, climb stairs, get in and out of the car, sit up for any short period of time, sit down for any long period of time or even pick your child up?… what do you do then? Welcome to the excruciating world of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or as it is more commonly known as PPGP (Pregnancy pelvic girdle pain) or SPD (symphasis pubic dysfunction).

On average it estimated that PPGP, or SPD as it's sometimes known, affects up to one in five pregnant women some report mild cases of pain, where other women report extremely severe pain . It’s not known exactly why pelvic pain affects some women, but it’s thought to be linked to a number of issues, including previous damage to the pelvis, pelvic joints moving unevenly, and the weight or position of the baby.

Factors that may make a woman more susceptible to develop PPGP or SPD include:
  • having a history of lower back or pelvic girdle pain
  • previous injury to the pelvis – for example, from a fall or accident
  • having PPGP/SPD in a previous pregnancy
  • a hard physical job

My story:- In previous pregnancy's I have been reasonably well apart from the odd urine infection and high blood pressure in the latter parts so it has come as quite a shock to be like this so early on,   Around four weeks ago, I took a trip to my GP with some hip pain and lower pelvis pain it wasn't excruciating pain but enough pain for me to realise that standing or siting for an amount of pain would leave me limping or moaning with pain, I thought I had over done it in the garden a few days previously and the doctor put it down to an acute hip and pelvis pain and strain.

As my week on the sick from work passed by the pain really wasn't getting better in fact it had gotten worse, so after that week I took a trip back to the GP where she examined me again in more depth this time and in fact her examination made me about hit the ceiling I was crying with the pain.

She told me she thought it was SPD and would refer me for physio - to help and to look at me further in the meantime she prescribed me some codeine, paracetamol and told me to rest, rest and get more rest - as you can imagine with two boys aged two and four this is far easier said than done.

On seeing the physio she advised me about what was happening to my hips and pelvis that they were twisting somehow and the muscles were clinging onto the bone making, which in turn was causing the pain - she gave me a tubi-grip belt the other made belt was too painful and was pressing into my scar tissue, she then gave me crutches to walk on - I wasn't impressed at all I'm still not I have got to use them all the time, doing day to day things are a nightmare anyway but on crutches the boys would have a field day.

I have felt very low, to the extent that I am considering going to the doctors because I feel I am not able to cope and feeling like a failure. I am desperately trying to carry on through the pain, caring and loving my two young boys one of whom has behavioural difficulties and is having meltdowns more and more, I am trying to look after the house I am doing my best but ultimately I don't feel it is enough.

I am going to be blogging in a later post about support where YOU can get help, if needed alongside some self help tips, if you are suffering like me remember don't be to hard on your self this is a recognised pregnancy related condition it is completely debilitating to an extent but there is support out there and you can always leave me a comment I will get back to you.

Potty training diary Day 2

Pants are key if you can get your child to pick there own pants something they love whether it be there favorite character colour or shape this way most children wont want to make a mess in them, Adam has chosen Thomas the tank engine, don't be put off by pant sizes plenty of good supermarkets and stores start in sizes from 18-24mths and once they have been washed they always shrink a bit so they do cater for little bottoms!  

Day 2

Today the weather was not so nice outside so we were mainly in the house, Today I introduced Adam to pants, wow watching him pull them down and then them back up again I was so proud, although when you watch any child trying to pull clothes on and off it really makes me tired so it must be tiring for there little minds to be processing and it really does look like hard work, every time he has been on the potty his pants are all rolled together - but he has been doing all of this by himself and with not so many prompts from mummy, with only one accident I am proud and pleasantly surprised how well he is doing!.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

#Pregnancy my saviour DLux Pregnancy spray #Review

After finding out I was pregnant I was sent the DLUX Pregnancy spray to try out - What is it you might ask?

It is a Daily Nutritional Oral Spray which contains Vitamin D3, B1, B6 and folic acid, all essential vitamins to keep you and bump healthy. Unlike your average folic acid tablets this is a small bottle definitely handbag size and rather than heaving on tablets in the morning you simply use the spray up to five times throughout the day, spraying it under the tongue for a faster absorption,  meaning more of the benefits of the spray are utilised as it isn't having to go through your stomach. An effective alternative to tablets or capsules, DLux Pregnancy is the ideal solution for those suffering from morning sickness.

The spray has a natural peppermint flavour, which is very mild so great for not making you feel sick. If like me you have suffered with morning sickness and still suffered with sickness in the latter stages of pregnancy this product is great. I really like that its handbag size so its easy to carry around and I found that it did help to ease off my sickness somewhat so being able to have up to five sprays a day really helped.

The DLUX Pregnancy spray can be used from the early stages of pregnancy right the way through to birth and you can continue to use it whilst breast feeding - I am still using mine and will continue to use it throughout the pregnancy, not only does it help combat sickness, I feel at ease that I am getting the right vitamins for myself and bump to stay healthy.

The Price Of the DLUX Pregnancy Spray is £9.95 which I think is reasonable given the benefits of the product. you can buy this product from A Better You Ltd  they also have other vitamin sprays available for children so why not pop over and have a look at there other products as well.

Our Potty training guide and Diary Day 1

The summer is nearly over, although the last week has been a little cooler the weather is still quite warm - the perfect time to start potty training and that is exactly what we have been doing so over the next few weeks I am going to be telling you about our potty training journey and any problems we might encounter along the way so I hope it helps you as much as it helps me to understand what I might be doing right or wrong and most of all how Adam takes to it!

first things first, potty toilet, seat pants, pull ups, Where do you start? although its great to start thinking about the equipment you are going to need, I think the first thing I need to think about is Adam ready, here are my tips to find out if your child is ready?

  1. Can they communicate there toileting needs even if it is just a few simple words like "wee wee" or "Poo Poo" or you can even use wet and dry, whatever is easiest for your child but the main thing is they can tell you there toileting needs.
  2. Are they able to help with there clothing? after all sometimes us parents cant be there for them all the time.
  3. Do they know what the toilet/potty is and will they sit on it? 
  4. Do you have time to spend with your child over the next few weeks to help them and are you as a parent ready?
  5. last of all is it a convenient time, big life events such as a new baby, illness, or a move of house can make your child unsettled make sure when you start there isn't anything else going on that is going to cause distraction.
So how did you find the check list? I have a tick for all of my points above so I am sure Adam is very ready. next up equipment what equipment are we going to use?

There is so much around in this market I think you should go with what your child is most comfortable with and the equipment doesn't have to be state of the art, I know there are all singing and all dancing potty's available but realistically a simple one is fine ours was £4 from Morrison's
I have also got a toilet seat and step from when Liam started toilet training and the dry like me pads and of course some pants in which Adam has picked himself hopefully with some incentive, you could also get the pullups - now like I have said it is each to there own however I found when Liam was potty training he got confused with the baby pull ups and got on much better with the dry like me training pads.

Here is the equipment in short (down to personal and your child's choice)

  • Potty
  • toilet seat and step
  • Dry like me Pads 
  • Pants (plenty of pairs)
  • Pull ups
  • A reward chart 

there we have it my first helpful tips hopefully to get you started and remember once you start try and carry on as children are easily confused in the early days once you start training. The potty has been in the living room for a few weeks so Adam could get used to it my way of thinking was if it has always been there he wouldn't be frightened, also with Adam because he is still very small he cant get on and off the toilet himself - which has brought me to the idea that to start off with, or until he grows a bit we will be using the potty.

Day 1 Potty training diary,

Today I decided we would face potty training head on - but in the home I have been planning this week for a while, this week we wont be leaving the house very much only to go round to the local shop I want to see if we can try and crack it and as today has been very warm I have left Adam without his nappy on, introduced him to the potty and told him if he needs a wee or poo to sit on the potty.
With the potty firmly in place and sight in the garden - we waited....... and much to my amazement he didn't say anything he just went and sat on it! I am a very proud mummy! 
He has now used the potty a few times and when he did myself and Liam clapped he looked very pleased with himself, he has also gained himself several gold stickers. We have had a few accidents which is to be expected - he was genuinely upset by them but I am glad he has been using the potty too - tomorrow I will be introducing him to pants to see how he gets on with another obstacle to over come, for night time he will be wearing his nappy as once potty training is firmly established in the day hopefully the nights will become easy.

How is your little one getting on with potty training? I would love to hear your story's, for more information and to see what other mums are doing you can visit



Friday, 15 August 2014

Chuggington StackTrack #Review

Chuggington is a children's British animated show aired daily on Cbeebies, you can join Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot, Toot and Piper, as they learn to ride the rails, learn valuable lessons about friendship and working together. The trains are set in the fictional town of Chuggington where they are given individual tasks to complete, if they successfully complete their mission they are rewarded with a badge. 

At Christmas Liam received a Chuggington stack and track expansion pack, for those of you that don't know what the expansion pack it, its the track that is expanded onto the main play sets but the expansion pack alone cant really be played with without any trains which at that point Liam had none so at Easter he decided with his money he would buy one of the main playsets and some trains.

When we were asked to review some more of the Chuggington range of toys you can imagine we were delighted and excited to do so, as the pack would just add to the ever growing collection Liam already has. We received the Chuggington Stacktrack play set an extension pack and two trains too play with.

The Stacktrack comes with well put together instructions detailing exactly how to put the track together and which bits go where - but to be honest you really don't need them as this toy is all about using your imagination and creating the tracks as you want them you can make it so you have one huge track that runs along the floor or you can buy more of the tracks and build them upwards in height there is no limits to this track except of course the size of your room or the ceiling!

The track all fits together really easily and once put together seems to be very sturdy the sets are aimed at children 3+ however even Adam who is two found it very easy to put the track together and really enjoyed the set - the boys also loved the added extras such as the traffic lights change colour when the train goes through them and at each side of the bridge/tunnel there is a barrier that you can leave down to stop the trains or lift up to watch them speed down the little hill.

The trains really resemble the characters almost exactly as you see them on the television series, they are very light weight, bright in colour and are very well made so they are not going to be broken easily the only part that I would say is a bit flimsy would be the plastic part on the back that you use to attach them to the other trains - if you have a child that tends to put things in there mouth still like Liam does these can be easily chewed and misshaped.

Other wise this set, in fact the whole selection of toys from this Chuggington range I love and the boys love they don't seem to get bored, if the track does start to get boring we simply take it apart and build it up a different way and in a different shape - A great toy with hours of fun to be had!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

A new baby is definitely on the way #14weeks

If you follow my blog and you follow me I can only apologies for the lack of posts, you see the last couple of months my mind has been else where, through the smiles at Britmums live 2014, I somehow lost my voice, lost my voice to type, lost my way, you see this pregnancy has shaken up my whole world and I know a new baby should be a joyous occasion, I should be getting excited, I should be planning, but for selfish reasons through the evenings when I eventually have time to sit down and think about being pregnant, I was trying to convince myself that somehow the tests might be wrong that maybe me jeans that are getting tighter might be because I ate too much pizza the night before, and the sickness that had somehow taken over me was a bug.

Denial, is the best way to describe how I have been feeling, some might say I am selfish, I know there are so many people that would love to be in my position, but I guess in your own heart and head you cant help the way you feel or think.

The weeks leading up to my first scan, seem to have taken forever giving me too much time to think, but finally that day arrived I explained to the boys where we were going that morning and to be honest it was really quite emotional telling them, I found tears running down my cheeks as I explained to them that we were going to see a baby on the screen we were going to see there new brother or sister - they were both excited, I couldn't but help think what if I go and my tummy is empty, what if I go and the baby doesn't have a heart beat, it would be my fault for wishing it away for not believing there was anything their I was a wittering mess on the bus, with Liam asking excited questions.

Another part of me was emotional because with both Liam and Adam myself and there dad was excited for there scans we went together, he had held my hand and we had chatted excitedly in the waiting areas, this time was so different, this time I know how he feels about another baby, I know to a certain extent I am alone.

When I arrived at the waiting area for my scan I was sitting with my head down the room full of loving couples, couples who's eyes I felt were boring into me, I could imagine what they were thinking look at her a single mum already two children and here for a scan, I have never felt so uncomfortable and alone.

It felt like a lifetime until the lady from the ultra sound scan room to call us in, I got on the table nerves fluttering would the baby be alright? if it was alright how many weeks am I? how would the boys react? The lady passed the scanner over my stomach and there it was a beautiful baby a strong beating heart, a tubby tummy, a baby that was stubborn and lazy, baby didn't want to move it didn't want its photo taking (that's why the pictures are not that great) even making me shake my tummy about doing a wiggle, just made baby put its hand over its face - I was in love the moment I saw the baby on the screen it was real and it was there, I think this is the most emotional scan I have had so many thoughts and worries just melted away I honestly just felt love, like I already have for the boys and Liam although he is only four he held his mummies hand, he fetched Adam some raisins out of his bag when he started to get impatient and moany.

He asked "how can we get that baby out, I want the baby here now" he really brightened up my mood and made me laugh and I am so proud of Liam, in fact of both of my boys and I know I will be just as proud of this new baby, I really feel bad for any untoward thoughts I had about this new little one now I have seen that baby is real, I feel like I can finally start sleeping at night, finally start planning, I know I will always have worries but it is just a part of being a parent.


Friday, 20 June 2014

09.59 Im on the train! #BritMums

Officially today 09.59 I am on the train heading to London on my own never been to London never really travelled that far on my own but I am going for one of the UK's biggest blogging conferences It is BritMums Live 2014.

This will be only my second ever blogging event I have ever been too since I started blogging last year and I couldn't think of any better or bigger one I want to be a part of.

My day should start like this get up do my hair makeup, get dressed, get the boys up they both eat all there breakfast get themselves dressed and happily go to the childminders whilst giving me time to get home have a cuppa before getting to the station but in reality I know that its really not going to be bliss it will look more like this.

The boys get up really early clamber over into my bed before they start squabbling about who is laying which side of the bed, I get up bring them down stairs, give them breakfast they both refuse to eat it, I put the TV on they spend the next half hour arguing about which toys they both want from the adverts on the TV, all this whilst I am running around trying to put my makeup on get dressed - break up the fights.
Next it is time to get the boys dressed, they run off with there clothes decide they don't like what they are wearing, throw tantrums on the floor....... half hour later we are dressed, out the door the boys walking as slow as possible to the child minders.

Once they're there I manage time for a quick kiss and cuddle before practically running back home picking up my case and jumping in the taxi.

phew..... and breath 09.59,  I am on the train heading for London!! time to relax take in the scenery and look forward to a fabulous weekend with lots of wonderful bloggers!

If like me you are on the way to London cant wait to meet you!!


Belvoir Fruit farms #Review and #Giveaway

Summer is finally here and finding a perfect summer drink, keeps thirst at bay can be difficult - as you all know now I am pregnant, I wont be drinking any wine or Pimms over the summer months. I do love cordial though especially the fruity type so I couldn't wait to try out Belvoir fruit cordial, in fact I was a little bit over enthusiastic when it arrived as it was making my mouth water looking at the lovely bottle!

The bottle doesn't actually look that big does it? but don't judge a book by its cover - because you have to dilute the cordial down this little bottle makes an astonishing ten pints of cordial - that's what I call value for money, because of course whatever mummy is drinking the boys will want to be drinking too so in my house you want to buy things that are going to last and this little bottle certainly will.

The elderflower cordial, is really fresh tasting not to sweet in fact I found that it is very subtle it leaves your mouth feeling great none of that residue that some drinks leave, not only can you drink the elderflower cordial, if your feeling more adventurous you could try adding some to a cake or biscuit mix to give it that added fruit flavour - perfect for hot summer days out or a picnic.

Belvoir Fruit farms have been generous enough to offer me a fantastic children's baking set and a case of six of there yummy fruit cordials to giveaway to you one of my readers worth £45 so for your chance to win simply enter via the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once the Rafflecopter picks a winner, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within 28 days, the prize will be allocated to another person.

Please note the competition will open on 20th June 2014 midnight and will close on 11th June 2014 at midnight.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

#BOOTD #TrendyThursday

So I am doing things a little bit different this week usually I take pictures of the boys together wearing a lovely outfit but for the next few weeks I am going to take it in turns. One because its nice to look back on something that they have individually chosen and two because last week although you see on the pictures they are happy in truth they were scrapping about who was having there photo taken - ending in tears as usual these boys can fight over a piece of paper!

So this week as Liam is out on a trip today myself and the lovely Adam have been having some lovely bonding time and this is what he chose to wear today, again you know I am a fan of next and Adam is a fan of toy story so he picked out this buzz light year T-shirt to be honest he just wanted to wear the T-shirt! but his jeans I popped on him are from next too.

I Love the writing on the back the most, it has some meaning behind it for myself - I also love that the T-shirt is bright where the picture is and it makes your child think they are the character Adam finds this T-shirt very amusing when he looks in the mirror!

Both the T-shirt and jeans are available in Next right now they have some lovely things!

The Little Life of Ickle Pickle

Badge for TTT, Badge