Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jack is five months old

Today Jack is exactly five months old I do not know where the time has gone, he seems to be growing so much faster than the other boys did, he is so big now it really is unreal but he is such a happy little baby boy his eyes dance when he laughs and he hardly ever cries.

This month Jack has begun to grab objects in front of himself and concentrates on pulling them towards his mouth, he puts his arms out now when he wants picking up sometimes and When I laugh he will laugh as well its really lovely to watch. he also responds when you call his name its funny but I never remember my other two doing that until they were much older.

Jack has learnt to roll over as well his little face is a picture when he does it, like he cant believe what he has just done. he has also started babbling to himself and blowing raspberry which both the older two boys find very funny. He has also started playing with toys, he has had a Fisher price Jumperoo which he loves, because he can see everything and likes to be on his feet more than laying on his mat.

I still cant believe just how fast the time is going I am glad I have been taking lots of pictures of him because if your not quick you blink and the times and moments have gone.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Keeping children safe in the sun #Heatwave

With the temperatures rising and a heatwave truly upon us keeping safe in the sun is paramount for children, who are in one of the top categories for being at risk in the heat and sun. I have put together a list of how to keep risks of sunburn and hear stroke to a minimum.

Be sun safe 

  • Babies less than six months old should be kept out of direct sunlight as there skin contains a lot less melanin, melanin is the pigment that give skin, hair and eyes their colour and is usually what forms a protection.
  • Older babies should be kept out of the sun as much as possible particularly when the sun is at its highest between 11am and 4pm if you need to go out, make sure they are covered with a parasol or sun shade whilst they're in their pram or stroller to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure you apply a high factor sun protection to your babies skin of factor 30 or above, always apply frequently especially if your child is in and out of of a paddling pool or the sea.
  • Dress your baby in appropriate clothes, thin clothes but ones that keep there arms and legs covered its also worth investing in a hat with a peak and the part on the back to keep there head and neck covered.

Stay cool 

  • Playing in a paddling pool is a fantastic way of keeping babies and small children cool, just make sure you keep the paddling pool in the shade, and provide supervision at all times.
  • keep your babies or child's room cool by closing the curtains in the day time it helps to keep the room temperature down.
  • Giving children and babies a cool bath will help too cool them down, plus they love to play and it keeps them out of the sun during the hottest times.
  • If you do need to go shopping try to go to places that have air conditioning. 

Keep children fed and watered

  • Keep drinks flowing regularly, avoid using ice and don't wait for them to become thirsty.
  • Avoid giving children food or drinks that are going to cause dehydration for example drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine
  • If you are breast feeding drink more water your self and feed your baby more often.
  • Give bottle fed babies cooled boiled water between feeds.
  • Give your child or baby small meals but regular and try to minimise hot food where possible.

There has been a lot in the media about children in the heat lately so just a reminder never, ever, ever leave children unattended in hot cars.

As long as you are sensible the sunshine makes way for lots of fun activities and the sun never lasts forever in this county so make sure you enjoy it and stay safe in the sun! 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Things I wish I had known before becoming mum

When I think back five years ago to having my first baby Liam, whilst I was pregnant I think I was completely in denial about the harsh reality that was about to change our lives, no one can prepare you for the chaos that bringing a baby home will bring, whether it is your first baby or third they turn a household into mayhem even though all the do is eat sleep and poop!

I remember at the time of being pregnant with Liam, I had friends that had just had babies, I remember them moaning about sleep deprivation, there boobs hurt, how horrible the birth was, there baby was teething and how it was difficult to find a spare moment to themselves never mind having a shower uninterrupted!

I actually thought none of this was ever going to apply to me, I was going to be organised... the perfect mother with the perfect baby that was an angel.

After over a week in hospital an emergency C-section and three days at home with a baby that cried a lot the alarming realisation set in I was very wrong.

There are so many things that I would now do differently and I do, do some differently with my third born but even still now its a huge learning curve, but from the first year of there life, these are the things I wish I knew before becoming a mum. 

  • Waking up at 7am is considered a lay in.
  • There are days when you will miss being at work because its easier.
  • "Me time" is a phrase that is mainly used if you actually make it to the toilet do your business and get out alone.  
  • The terms Holiday, feeling ill, bank holiday or Weekend no longer apply to you.
  • Take A photo everyday no one tells you how fast the time goes by.
  • It doesn't matter how good your baby is it will always take it will always make other relationships difficult.
  • It doesn't matter how often you you have been up through the night or how grumpy, tearful or naughty your child has been your partner working full time will always insist he is more tired than you. 
  • No Matter how much Ironing you do the pile never seems any smaller.
  • You will have the washing machine on everyday!
  • Babies really don't do much in there first six months.
  • Don't spend huge amounts of money on them while they are a baby........they will definitely prefer a card bored box.
  • "sleep is for the weak" this is not true, the actual sleep deprivation that new babies and children bring is actual torture.
  • There is no other job in the world you can work 24 hours in a day and realise that one smile from your little bundle makes it all worth while, children are rewarding and an adventure every day.

Can you think of any more to ideas? what would you would add? 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Whats In my changing bag?

Have you ever wondered what other mums keep in there changing bags? I always wonder if it is the same as myself or something unusually different, or do they have any secrets that I haven't heard about yet. I think I am actually very nosey and that's why I find it intriguing. 

My changing bag is in actual fact very boring, it contains the bare essentials, because there are so many essentials I need. Having three energetic little boys always makes me think about the "what ifs", even though I only have one baby that really needs a changing bag, the bag its self is kitted out for three. The bag is weary and worn, but I have had it since Adam was little and a new baby is expensive its just one of those things that I could make do with until it needs replacing.

The Contents;

  • Baby wipes, couldn't actually live with out them they come in handy for so many different reasons bums, faces, hands, wiping down clothes, coats, tables you name it they get used for it.
  • Nappies, I always have a good supply in the bag "just in case" and take what I need depending how long I am out for.
  • Scented Nappy bags, useful for the obvious dirty nappies, but come in handy for dirty clothes or rubbish as well.
  • Sudocrem, I swear by the stuff I always use it after each bottom change and you can use it on things like sunburn, stings and bites.
  • Changing Mat, this actually came as part of the bag but comes in handy when I have to go to places that don't have changing facility's or just to lay on the top of the changing areas.
  • Scissors, they always come in handy for nails, or to cut tags off clothes if the boys might need something new or if I need to cut a plaster of the strip which is likely. 
  • Plasters, The two older boys are always falling over in fact sometimes they will be stood in the same spot still and will fall over there own feet, plasters get used a lot!
  • plastic pots, (The two pots with the green lids) these are used to count Jacks milk into, meaning I always have the right amount of milk to tip into his bottles.
  • Bottles, already sterilised usually already filled with water so they just need heating up.
  • Calpol, just because you never know when the boys are going to get a temperature or be ill, and I guarantee it would be the day I forgot to take this with me!
  • Oral syringe and spoon, to give the Calpol with.
  • Snacks, I always take some sort of snack whether it be crisps, apple, cereal bars anything really because the boys are usually hungry if we have an appointment to attend or a long bus journey.
  • Juice cups, I always take these as its really important to keep children hydrated and they are usually always thirsty.
  • Change of clothes, I always take a clean set for all three because the boys always manage to find dirt, puddles and get there dinner down them selves. if you keep the clothes items rolled up they take up a lot less space so there is room for other items.
  • Bibs and mittens, Jack is begining to teeth so his gloves are always in his mouth and they get soaked so a few pairs of scratch mittens is always useful and the bibs are for when he has his milk and to keep his clothes dry.

That's it, I shouldn't say that's it really! because if I need to put many more Items in my changing bag I am going to be dragging a holdall round with me it is a mini mission!.
The only things I haven't included are items dependent on the weather, obviously I take sun cream and caps in the warmer weather, hats gloves and scarves when it starts to get cold and If I know that I am going to be in a rush I buy the little pre-made milk cartons (they're expensive) but convenient. At the moment Jack is still having just milk but once I start weaning him there will be more little pots for food and there will also be his cutlery items.

 What are your changing bag essentials?

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