Friday, 18 April 2014

Win a vintage inspired faux fur scarf worth £140 from Danilo Gabrielli

Sometimes in the united kingdom even on the warmest of days the evenings can feel a lot cooler, Danilo Gabrielli has offered one of their vintage inspired faux fur scarves from their SS14 collection to give away to you one of my readers.

Let me tell you about about Danilo Gabrielli, The Danilo Gabrielli brand is a high end fashion label founded in NYC by Italian designer, Danilo Gabrielli. Born and raised in Porto Santo Stefano, Monte Argentario – a small island off the West coast of Tuscany, Italy. Danilo graduated from the Accademia Pistoiese in Rome, Italy and achieved a duel degree in Fashion and Costume Design. Danilo Gabrielli’s mission is to design beautiful, timeless designs for women that allow them to feel elegant and confident while being guided by a combination of rustic Italian beauty and classic luxury.

Danilo Gabrielli’s AW13 “Glam Gothic” collection is inspired by the medieval period of 1200 – 1300. The clothing and fashion during this Medieval era of the Middle Ages was dominated and highly influenced by the Kings and Queens of the era. It was heavily influenced by the introduction of fine silks, satins, precious stones, gold, silver, brocades and other expensive material only available by law to the upper class women and were adorned on women’s clothing. Danilo has created this beautiful modern version of this period with richly decorated pieces, dresses with tight bodices, fitted skirts, corsets, flowing capes and constructed coats. His “Glam Gothic” collection is designed to make women feel strong and confident.

The picture above is the beautiful scarf, that you have the chance to win - please note that the colour may vary slightly as the pictures from the new collection have not been released yet, However the scarf will be slightly lighter in tan or white.

For a chance to win the fabulous scarf above just enter via the rafflecopter - Good Luck

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

A night in with Ladies 888 bingo #Review

I don't know about you but sometimes my evenings can be pretty boring, I spend most of it on the Computer usually writing a blog or two once that is done, I will perhaps browse sites for clothes or flick through the television not really knowing what to do, I want something that will keep me entertained,  something I don't really have to concentrate on at night time as a mum I'm tired so my concentration is usually at a lull.

I was given the opportunity to review the Ladies 888 bingo site, that's got to be a lot more exciting than watching the rubbish that's on the television every night, I used to go to a bingo club with my friend before the boys were born and it was something that I really used to enjoy, to be quite honest I have never thought about playing any games online.

The account was really simple to set up it took all of about ten minutes, Ladies 888 bingo deposited £5.00 into my account so I could have a play on there game called Millionaire Genie and give my views on the game, the game is a slot machine type game, down one side of the screen there are numbers from 1- 15 and on the other side their is a crazy genie that gives you tips and does little dances whilst you spin the game - he is quite entertaining!

you can bet as little as 1p all the way up to 25p making a choice of how many lines you would like to bet for instance if you bet the maximum lines (15) on a price of 1p each spin will cost 15p and 15 lines on a 25p maximum is £3.25.

So I started off by not touching any of the settings just betting on my one pence maximum, I had a few small wins of 45 pence etc, then I decided to up my stakes to 5p maximum so it cost me 75p a line I had another few small wins but nothing major although I found the game itself really fun, the idea of the game is you need to get 3 or more scatter symbols. These summon the genie who grants free spins, the genie also adds wild symbols that stay on the wheel throughout the game to further your chance of winning and of course the more you play the more chance you have of winning the bonus.

I wasn't on the game for very long around fifteen minutes before my balance was 0 again although it is a great way of passing some time - and depending on your luck you could win big up to £450,000! I would definitely play this game again I found it really enjoyable.

At the moment the WhichBingo Awards are open for voting so why not pop over and give favourite your 888 ladies game a vote.

And remember gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford.

I was given £5 to play the Millionaire Genie game - this post is sponsored 

The spring is here do you have Happi feet? Shoe freshener #Review

Happi feet is a fun and new innovative design - that has made its way into the shops with its beautiful scents and a fun creative shoe design.

So what exactly is Happi Feet?, Happi feet is a shoe freshener, now before you think I have smelly feet I really don't however I think anyone shoes, once they have been on there feet all day due to work or a family day out begin to smell just that little bit musty - or sweaty and the odour seems to be gone over night however once you start wearing your shoes again and your feet begin get warm it doesn't take long before that odour is back again - it can be quite embarrassing if your out and about with slip-ons and your shoe slips off just that little bit to far. Or maybe you have been in a changing room, in town after someone with a musty scent has been in trying on clothes its not pleasant.

This is where Happi feet come in, once you have been out and about or to work you come home and simply pop the funky shoe shaped freshener into your shoe and it freshen it up over night leaving your shoes feeling clean fresh and smelling beautiful.

Happi feet comes in a re-sealable packet so you can use them more than once the re-sealable packet keeps the freshness locked in whilst you are wearing your shoes in the day - Happi feet look and feel a bit like car fresheners except they are bigger in size and are shaped like shoes, the shape makes the fresheners really fun and if you are like me a big shoe lover, they're sort of an add on to my ever expanding collection, one size fits all!.

The fresheners come in four different designs and scents, Caribbean beach breeze, Madagascan vanilla, Japanese cherry blossom and freshly laundered my personal favourite is the freshly laundered scent, not only do they leave your shoes smelling beautiful they also are deodorising. The Happi feet shoe fresheners will last up to six weeks and are great value for money priced at just £2.60 they are a bargain. Available to purchase from Tesco.  

You can find out more about this fabulous product on the Happi feet website also why not give them a like on their Facebook page or follow them Twitter.

We were sent a sample of Happi Feet for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Little More? fantastic Vitamin drinks for Children #Competition

Designed especially for children and perfect for packed lunches, the new range of vitamin-enriched drinks - ‘A Little More’ has finally hit the shelves.

The low calorie vitamin drink range includes: A Little More Vitamin C, A Little More Vitamin D and A Little More Multivitamins.

For parents who struggle to get their children to enjoy fruit and vegetables, these vitamin drinks are the perfect solution. They contain the core essential vitamins to promote overall health and well-being, and are made with spring water and no added sugar.

The drinks can be enjoyed by children over 3 years of age and are available in 3 natural flavours A Little More Vitamin C (orange), A Little More Vitamin D (mango) and A Little More Multivitamins (citrus). The ‘A Little More’ range is available from £1.09 at Tesco stores across the UK.

Visit for more information.

To win a month’s supply of ‘A Little More’ range please answer the following question:

Which flavour is the ‘A Little More’ drinks range not available in? 
A) Orange 
B) Mango 
C) Apple 

*Leave your answer in the box on the Rafflecopter form not in the comments section underneath the Rafflecopter form. Good Luck.

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A Morning with The Children's Air Ambulance

A few weeks ago I was invited to spend a morning at a press event - my first event as a blogger and I couldn't have been more delighted, as it was with the children's air Ambulance and their crew.

The day itself was based around, learning and becoming aware about exactly what they do and how the air ambulance Charity helps others - as well as a once in a lifetime experience to ride in the helicopter.

I am sure like myself you have all heard about Air Ambulances and the fantastic job that they do, However this one is completely different this Helicopter has been specially adapted and contains equipment that is vital to save the lives of Children.

  • The Children's Air Ambulance (TCAA) is the only specialist helicopter in the UK adapted specifically for babies and young children
  • 5,800 children need transferring between hospitals because 95% of care for critically ill children is carried out in specialist units.
  • Long Journeys carried out by road ambulance can be stressful for a family and a child it can also cause critical, and life threatening delays for some children 
  • The Air Ambulance would typically transfer children with neurological emergency and conditions such as,severe meningitis and organ failure.
  • The Children's Air Ambulance relies solely on public donations to keep it in the skies, and for it to carry on doing the job it was made for. 

At the moment the Children's Air Ambulance Crew (TCAA) can only carry critically ill babies up to twelve months old, but hopefully by raising awareness the fundraisers and supporters will be able to raise enough funds, so that the Childrens Air Ambulance can be adapted again to take children of all ages.

The children's Air Ambulance completed their first baby transfer in May 2013, airlifting its first Critically Ill baby (Theo) Theo was born five days late by Caesarian Section weighing under 5lb. He was critically ill as it was discovered his oesophagus had failed to attach correctly to his stomach and he needed expert care to be treated. The fifteen minute flight ensured he got that critical care in the quickest possible way. In this time he was flown across from Scarborough hospital to Hull Royal Infirmary to receive the lifesaving care he required.

Can you imagine how traumatic it would be to first have a baby that was that poorly and then to find out he needs to be transferred to another hospital?

I cant Imagine How you would feel as a parent but the one thing I would want was him transferring as quickly and as safely as possible - and the Air Ambulance did just that.

Since Baby Theo TCAA has helped transport a further 32 babies to different hospitals for urgent specialist care that they wouldn't have got if they had remained where they were.

Whilst we were at the press event we got to see the amazing equipment on board the helicopter, we were taught about the specialist incubator and stretcher it was all simply amazing, especially when we stepped on board, it was really exciting and an honour to have been able to take a flight inside the helicopter, the views were stunning.

As I said above the views were stunning, the ride in the air was smooth, exciting and something I will probably never get the chance in my life to do again and it really was an honour.

The harsh reality is when this helicopter takes off from the ground with a tiny or critically ill baby on board this Helicopter isn't a place of happiness for the family or excitement, it would be a feeling of apprehension, I expect you wouldn't be looking out of the window at the views, your focus would be on your little one, that amazing little life, that as a parent you would be willing to get better and for a quick and uncomplicated journey that is the least stressful for yourself and your child, for this to happen the Air Ambulance needs to stay in flight.

Which is where you come in, TCAA rely on public funding - it is a charity, unbelievable really isn't it that a service so crucial to family's rely on donations

The truth is it could happen to any of us, where we would need to use the services of TCAA, for one of our children to be transferred to another hospital - I wouldn't wish it on anyone however if it was to happen to me or my family and we did need the services of TCAA I know that we would be in safe hands.

The day with TCAA was a fantastic day and I have learnt so much, everyone was so welcoming, it was also a pleasure to meet all of the crew and the patron of the services Melanie Slade - (wife of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott), Melanie was very down to earth and was talking about her plans about how she was going to raise money by doing a sponsored bike ride for TCAA.

I will be continuing to support The Children's Air Ambulance through out the year to find out more about TCAA they are on Facebook, Twitter and you can also find out more about them on their Website.

This post is not a sponsored post all opinions remain honest and my own thank you to the lovely people at the press office MBA that invited us along. 


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Green Earth pan - By Ozeri #Review

Don't you hate it when you cook food and it sticks to the pan, it is one of my pet hates in life, from eggs to pancakes or cooking sauces and meats its just really annoying it makes the food look messy - and lets face it when your food looks messy you don't want to eat it!

I was sent a Green earth pan to review from Ozeri,

The Green Earth Pan, features Greblon and is made in Germany - This is the description from the box;

  • No harmful heavy metals or chemicals.
  • superior non-stick performance.
  • Durable, scratch resistant Ceramic as found in nature.
  • Comfortable silicon coated handle.
  • Completely eco-friendly (ceramic coating emits no harmful fumes).
  • easy to clean.
  • Induction stove safe.

The Size of the green earth pan is 20cm - so its quite small and compact in its size so cooking is limited to eggs pancakes and bacon.

The pan has a textured cooking surface to prevent food sticking and the special coating means that no harmful fumes are released in the foods at high temperatures. The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is made of the highest quality anodized aluminium that allows for even cooking and browning without the risk of hot spots. It has a magnetised bottom for rapid heat transfer on induction stoves, and a heat resistant silicone coated handle, which means you are not going to burn you hand when you are cooking.

I really like this pan when cooking bacon on it or anything for that matter the textured surface not only stops the food from sticking, but also helped the food to create its own oil, even though the pan is very small in size its perfect for cooking up a quick breakfast, or pancakes and I absolutely love the colour this fabulous pan will not only add some brightness to a kitchen it also gives you the peace of mind that it is not emitting harmful fumes in the the air an all round great product.

The Ozeri pan is priced at £24.99 and is available to buy from Amazon  

I have been sent this lovely looking pan for the purpose of this review all opinions remain honest and my own.  

Family Fever

Monday, 14 April 2014

A simple Easter Hat, The Results

Last Monday I posted about how we made our Easter hat for Liam's parade. We were all set and ready, but a slight mishap or purposeful destruction happened on Tuesday evening when Adam in his temper pulled the beak of....

A devastated Liam sobbed his little heart out but between us we set to work to fix it, I decided that the triangle beak looked a bit harsh so using one of the boys dinner plates, I drew around some cardboard and made the beak rounded, it make the chick look a bit confused but perhaps not as angry as the first and we stuck the tissue paper back on.

We set off for school on Wednesday afternoon, Liam was insistent he wore his hat on the walk - it isn't really that far but on the way disaster struck Liam fell over on the way down the hill into school and the beak broke, I was beginning to think the hat just wasn't meant to get to the school for his parade, but luckily it was still attached on the underside with sellotape and the hat just looked as though it was going to talk to us.

We went along to the Easter parade, their were so many lovely and well made hats amongst the ninety children, made up of three classes, for each class there was prize's, first, second and third, myself and Liam's daddy watched as Liam braved the stage and did his little twirl, giving us a cheeky wave he really was so proud of his hat.

As they read out the results of the little competition, third place, it wasn't Liam, second place it wasn't Liam, they got to the first place and that was it he had done it they read out Liam's name, I was so proud of him as he almost ran onto the stage to collect his prize of an Easter egg - his little face was glowing, one of Liam's favourite sayings is "I never win" he was waving and trying to tell us he had won I had to swallow hard, I actually felt like crying, but tears of happiness its amazing how such a little thing when you have children can make you so proud. This time Liam is a winner!

As you can see I didn't make Liam wait until Easter to eat his egg he definitely deserved it and he shared it with Adam I am a very proud mummy!


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Look in my Letterbox 12/04/2014

This weeks look in my letterbox post isn't as exciting as last week I have had no nice goodies and I haven't won anything - although I have hardly had time to enter anything.

So my post this week is a bit of a moan really. The first letter I had was a horrible water bill, I am not actually sure when water got so expensive, but it has so that means cut backs at the end of the month.

My second letter was one from the benefits office - most of you know that just before the new year I got myself a job back in the NHS its my dream job where I have wanted to to work since I qualified as a nurse but the checks have taken them so long to work through I am still waiting now to start on the next "available" Induction week it feels like I have been waiting forever I have a childminder on stand by but goodness knows when I will actually start but with the Easter holidays here now it wont be until after that, so it looks like I am looking at May, so because they are taking so long I have to go and attend an interview to say what I am doing to look for a job - which means dragging the boys into town on Monday which I am sure is not going to be much fun!

Which brings me to my last letter I had this week it was from the Nursing and Midwifery Council, I don't know if you know this or not, but every year once you have qualified as a nurse you have to pay a yearly fee to stayed registered on a public document - if you don't pay your fees you cant practise, this costs around one hundred pounds a year, which I have already paid but I had my letter back to say I am all up to date and able to practise which I am glad about.

So that was my boring letterbox this week hopefully there will be a bit more excitement next week!

Did you receive anything fab through the post this week? I would love to know

Alice Megan

Gorse Hill City Farm - an adventure

Today we put on are wellies - or Boots in my case, and went off to a fantastic place, just a stones throw away from the city. You would never believe in between houses and set on a hill is a little farm, Or a big farm that is for little feet and it is right on our doorstep called Gorse Hill city farm.

They have all sorts of Animals, pigs hiding in their pens, turkeys gurgling their happy tunes, Guinea pigs and rabbits having a snooze snuggling inside to keep warm on these cooler days.

The boys loved looking at the Animals although Liam was rather more interested in the park his little eyes had lit up at the site of the shiny slide and the tall climbing frame, but Adam was not so interested in park his little legs didn't know which way to run, his head bobbing from one side to the other he was fascinated with all the life of the farm, his little voice was wobbling not knowing what to ask first

"whats that noise mama?" "whats the rabbit doing?" "whats that?" 

he was so excited to see the animals eating the grass and the sheep that were rearing their young "baba" he was squealing and pointing as he is trying to find his footing on the fence.

They both ran there little legs off across the field spotting pony's and cows as we went along - finding secret passage ways between fences and bushes, picking up old bits of feed that the farmers had dropped, and trying to feed the already well fed goats.

We did manage to end our adventure on the play area - which is surrounded by animal pens Adam still not so interested in the park wondered up and down talking to the animals - Today was a great adventure for us all.

The boys even managed to milk a cow - not a real one but they loved it anyway!

Gorse Hill City farm is a great place for any family, fantastic outdoor fun for any children looking for an adventure amongst animals.

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall